Energy Efficient Lighting

Find was to reduce your electric bill just by changing light bulbs or installing time clocks on water heaters. These are some examples of money you can save, call us to find out more.

New technology in energy efficient lighting allows you to save money, and lessen your load on the environment. Advances in CFL bulbs and LED home lighting fixtures mean you can have your choice of warm, natural, dimmable lighting that also saves energy. New, more flexible LED bulbs allow you to make existing table and floor lamps, plus fixtures like chandeliers, more efficient. Browse our large selection of energy saving choices, including ENERGY STAR® rated bulbs and fixtures.
So, how much can you save by using energy efficient bulbs? With so many new terms to learn, this can be a hard question to answer. We’ve simplified things with CFL energy savings calculations in the graphic to the right.

You can easily see how much money you’ll save each year on your energy bill by switching out standard incandescent bulbs for new CFL bulbs. Swap out old bulbs for LED and you can save even more. Using ten 10 watt LED bulbs would cost $20 per year, yielding $102 in annual energy savings.

Energy efficient light bulbs are a quick way to make a difference you can see!

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